Trailer Kit F : 2000Kg Single Axle Assembly

This kit includes the undercarriage for a 1200mm chassis trailer. Axle rating is 2000 Kg. Spring SWL 2000 Kg. Brakes are required over 750Kg and Break-A-Way over 2000Kg.

Not included are the rims and tyres and body work steel.

    • 1 X B0901 50mm SQUARE AXLE: 1725mm
    • 1 X H0201 9 LEAF SPRING ASSEMBLY : 900x60x8mm 3/4″ greaseable pins
    • 1 X D 1780 U BOLT KITS : 16mm U-bolts, plates & saddles
    • 2 X HA200-AL 12″ ELECTRIC DRUM BRAKE Assemblies : Includes drums, bearings, backing plates & mountplates
    • 1 X A0102 3500KG 50mm Ball COUPLING : With handbrake lever
    • 1 x C2910 CABLE KIT : Includes cable, adjuster, pulleys and crimps

Weight of Kit 155Kg approx.

This is a sample kit which can be changed to suit your particular needs.

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