This website is a service provided by Martin’s Trailer Parts so that you, our valued customer, can gain the maximum amount of customer satisfaction in the minimum amount of time. Built primarily with the rural sector of Western Australia in mind, we hope that this website offers valuable advice, accurate information, and anything you require for your trailing needs. If you require something that you can’t find listed here, please contact us by Phone, Fax or Email. One of our friendly service staff will gladly help you with any enquiries you may have.


We are proudly Australian, making sure that as many of our products are “Australian Made” as possible. A family based company, we strive to ensure that our level of customer service matches the quality of the goods produced in our workshop.




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Below is a brief description of Martin's Trailer Parts.

Company Description

Company Description

  • Incorporated in 1972 as a Proprietary Listed company, fully owned by Trailer Parts Pty. Ltd.
  • 3 Branches, at Bayswater, O’Connor and Wangara.
  • Managing Director is Brett Martin.
  • 40+ Employees
  • Trailer Parts is Quality Assured to International Standard 9001.
  • Manufacturing engineers, including CNC Machining ability, in our State of the Art manufacturing workshop. A large proportion of our stock is designed by us and manufactured in our own workshops.
  • Exporters, directly and indirectly, all over the world.
  • Importers, from India, China, Taiwan, across Europe and the USA.
  • Service a large range of industries, including the retail, wholesale, industrial, manufacturing, engineering, mining, agricultural and boating/marine industries.
  • From the smallest to the largest; 200kg box trailers to 20 tonne agricultural equipment.
Martin's Trailer Parts are manufacturers of

Martin's Trailer Parts are manufacturers of

  • GAFFA Trailing Arm Suspension
  • Positorque Suspension : rubber torsion suspension
  • Trailer Axles : 0.75 to 20 Tonne/pair
  • Trailer Hubs : 0.75 to 20 Tonne/pair
  • Special Farm Hubs and Stubs
  • Disc Brakes
  • Drum Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Stands
  • Ringpull Couplings
  • Towing Aids
  • Spring Hangers and Plates
  • Shackle Pins
  • Swivel Plates
  • “MARTINS” Trailer Parts
  • Walking Beams
  • Extra Long Twin Slipper Spring Assemblies
Martin's Trailer Parts are Agents for

Martin's Trailer Parts are Agents for

  • Trigg Brothers Couplings
  • Jarrett Winches
  • Perei Lights and Reflectors
  • LED Autolamps
  • Alko International
  • Deemaxx Components
  • Melbourne Trailer Sales
  • P.B.R
  • Premier Rollers :RED
  • Submers-a-lites
  • Magna Rollers : BLUE
  • Utilux
  • Manutec
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