Trailer Kit B : 800Kg Single Axle Assembly

This kit includes the undercarriage for a standard single axle 1200mm chassis trailer. Axle rating is 1000 Kg.Spring SWL 800 Kg.This assembly is not suitable for Off-Road rims and tyres.

Not included are the rims and tyres and body work steel.

  • 1 X B0207 40mm SQUARE SOLID AXLE :1650mm 1200MM CHASSIS : 1000Kg capacity
  • 1 X D0107 6 LEAF SPRING ASSEMBLY : slipper springs, hanger & bolts : 725x45x6mm
  • 1 X D1770 U BOLT KIT : 12mm U-bolts, 10mm fish plates and axle saddles
  • 2 X C0105 HUB ASSEMBLY : Please nominate the rim type you are using
  • 1 X A0112 COUPLING 50mm : Cast iron, lockable, bolt on hitch

Weight of Kit 50Kg approx.

This is a sample kit which can be changed to suit your particular needs.

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