Trailer Kit L : Camper Trailer Heavy Duty : with Brakes

This kit includes the undercarriage for a rugged 1200mm camper chassis. This is similar to Kit 1 except the springs have been upgraded to double eye fully greaseable assembly and brakes have been added. Brakes are required over 750Kg.

Not included are the rims and tyres and body work steel.

  • 1 X B0401 1650MM 45MM Square SLIMLINE AXLE : 1250Kg capacity
  • 1 X C2104B 6 stud HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE Assembly : Includes callipers, rotors, bearings, mount plates et al
  • 1 X H0209 DOUBLE EYE SPRING ASSEMBLY: 850x60x6mm all 5/8″ greaseable pins
  • 1 X D1783 U BOLT KIT: 16mm U-bolts, plates and saddles
  • 1 X A0105 50mm HYDRAULIC OVERRIDE COUPLING : 2000Kg capacity complete with 3/4″ master cyclinder
  • 1 X C2921 BRAKE KIT : Includes brake hose & clamps, short & long tube nuts

Weight of Kit 115Kg approx.

This is a sample kit which can be changed to suit your particular needs.

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